Why should you air dry your hair?

One of the most asked questions about hair nowadays is whether to blow dry it or to air dry it. To have quick easy dried hair, blow drying might be a better choice but for healthy strong hair, air drying does it. Even though the hair drying method for you really depends on your lifestyle and hair type, air drying is the more suggested hair drying method.

Air drying your hair

The alternative to air drying your hair is blow drying it. This method includes heat which contributes in breaking down hair cuticles. These cuticles protect hair from damage. As a result of following this method, your hair can get too dry, rough and damageable.  

On the other hand, air drying is a more natural way, which is always better than artificial heat. Blotting your hair with an absorbent towel will make your air drying process healthier. If you like styling, you can always wrap, braid or put your hair in a bun to get different textures while it dries.

Air drying might be the better method, but it is highly recommended not to wash your hair every day. Also, it is suggested that you brush your wet hair to avoid tangles and get beautiful tangle-free hair when it dries. However, try avoiding over-brushing your hair as it results in excessive hair fall. Start air drying your hair and get gorgeous healthy hair after every wash!

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