Why should oats be a part of your diet?



Many people have started having a bowl of fresh cooked oatmeal for breakfast. Why is this considered so important for a healthy lifestyle? Oat is not just a variety of cereal grain grown for its seed, it has a number of health benefits to the human body. From improving digestion to controlling blood pressure, having a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast has proved to help better health issues in numerous ways. Still wondering why should oas be a part of your diet? Well, here is one notable fact about the goodness of oats.

Lower cholesterol levels

Of the several health benefits that you receive by including oats in your diet, the fact that oats help in lowering cholesterol level is the number one reason as to why oats are to be included in your diet. Studies show that a 1% decrease in the cholesterol level results in a 2% decrease in the chance of getting a heart or blood vessel disease.

High cholesterol may cause a number of diseases including stroke, heart attack and gallstones. Exercise and medication can also help in lowering cholesterol level, but the most effective way is to have a little change in your diet. Replacing your morning peanut butter and jelly sandwich or omelet sandwich with a steaming bowl of fresh cooked oatmeal can help combat all these diseases.

Lowering the risks of getting diseases is not that difficult; all you need to do is replace one meal by oatmeal. Control your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol level, improve immune system defenses, and increase appétit-control hormones and much more… Get healthier just by including an oatmeal bowl in your diet!

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