What Is A Low-Impact Workout

Exercising should be a part of your lifestyle but, every now and then, we all need a break from rigorous exercises. Low-impact workouts can be the much needed breather in your exercise regime, as it gives your body low levels of stress while working the muscules. Since low-impact workouts can be heart healthy and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, it’s a particularly good option for the elderly or the injured. Now, that you know what a low-impact workout is, here are few examples :

  • Walking or hiking

To be classified as a low-impact workout you need movement while at least one leg is in contact with the ground and walking is one of the top low impact workouts. If you want to make things a bit more interesting, then you could go hiking or walk around areas with steps.

  • Tai chi

Tai chi allows you to be in motion and meditate. It is known as a relaxing exercise, which can also help you improve your flexibility and even get rid of a headache.

  • Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a slightly more intense type of low impact workout. However, since climbing movements are slow and controlled, it works all your muscles. It could also be considered a calisthenics workout.

  • Pilates and yoga

Instead of exerting your body with fast and high impact sports, you can just relax and exercise with yoga or Pilates. All you would need is a mattress and the postures will strengthen your core and increase your body’s flexibility.

  • Kayaking

Kayaking, though an unconventional option, works your arms and core, without requiring you to do crunches. It also helps you burn up to a whooping 400 calories in an hour while seeing some amazing views.

It is important to note that people mix up impact with intensity and low impact workouts can also be of high intensity. Though, generally low impact workouts are a bit more relaxed compared high impact workouts. So, get the healthy body you desire in a more relaxed way with low impact workouts!

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