What Is A Calisthenics Workout?

Unlike conventional workout regimes where heavy weights are used to build up your muscles, calisthenics workouts build up your muscle by working the weight of your own body. Which means that you don’t need gym equipment or weights for a calisthenics workout. But it does require some know-how and planning. Before you get started, lets begin by answering what is a calisthenic workout?

Getting started

Just like other gym fitness regimes, calisthenic workouts improve your fitness by increasing your body strength and improving your flexibility. Calisthenic workouts include movements like pulling, pushing, bending, jumping or swinging, using only your body’s weight as a resistant.


Besides the obvious of benefit building your body endurance, calisthenics workouts are also great in working all your muscles. Plus, you don’t need join a fancy gym or buy any fancy machines, all you need is some space to work around.

Beginner options

Some beginner calisthenics workouts are as simple as push-ups, pull-ups, squats and sit-ups. You can work every muscle group with these four normal exercises.  Though sometimes you might find these boring, there are hundreds of different variations of these four core exercises to make your workouts more interesting. Once you’re comfortable you can gradually increase the intensity of your workout.

Calisthenics Vs. Weight Lifting:

Dedicated calisthenic workouts will contribute towards the growth of lean muscle mass and increase your mobility, flexibility, agility, strength and endurance. But, strength training through weight lifting routines only contributes towards the growth of your muscle mass and strength. Weight lifting has benefits but calisthenics could be a more beneficial fitness option.

So, it’s time to notch up your fitness regime with a calisthenics workout!

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