Top Wedding Colors Trends For Summer

If you are in search of elegant and custom wedding type, you found the right address.  Among all the options, it is sometimes hard to decide the colors of your wedding. While there is a lot to consider, here are top 5 colors for summer and spring weddings.

Option 1: Coral coral_wedding_theme_loore_gisellesevgi

Coral color is truly an elegant choice. It has a unique vibrant touch and definitely stands out. If you are in search of custom decorations, click on the image and see what you can buy on amazon as well. We provided couple options for you.

Option 2: Yellow


The mixture of grey and yellow have a classy look. Finding the yellow colors are easy during summer and spring and they are also cost effective then pure pink or pure dark reds. Also for your bridesmaids, they can easily find grey and/or yellow color dresses almost any clothing store.

Option 3: Citrus


If you are in an “energy” mode, citrus is your color. The decorations and the style is also perfectly matching with white wedding dress. Whether you like a beach theme, peacock theme, or country themed wedding, citrus color can go along well with any themes.

Option 4: Turquoise

turquoise_wedding theme_loore_gisellesevgi

Vibrant, influencer, statement setter and perfect match with gold. Turquoise color is great for beach weddings. The flower choice can be a little expensive than the other themes but if you want to create an extraordinary type of wedding theme, this is your to go color then.

Option 5: Mint


Mint is new and perfectly matches with white colors. If you also like pink, the mint color choice will blend with it in an amazing way. To get more difference, you can also put some light grey colors into your decorations. Spring and summer weddings will light up the mint colors during the ceremony and you will shine like a star while walking down the aisle.

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