Ways To Get Rid Of Hang Nails

If you’ve ever experienced the pain of ripping out your hang nails then you are definitely interested in ways to get rid of hang nails. That tiny bit of skin that sticks up beside your nail bed might seem harmless but if you don’t give it proper attention, you might be vulnerable to infections caused by a bleeding wound. To avoid this, make the following things a part of your grooming regime:

Trim it off

Getting rid of hang nails is pretty easy. All you have to do is soak your hands in a bowl of lukewarm water for about 10 minutes then clip off the hang nail with a nail clipper or a nail scissors.  Make sure that you do not cut your skin and clip off only the hang nails, but if you do manage to give yourself a cut, bandage that up to prevent infections.

Cuticle care

The best way to get rid of hang nails is to prevent them. So always make sure that your cuticles are well moisturized with a cuticle balm or oil. After your cuticles are supple and moisturized, push it back with a cuticle pusher to make sure it doesn’t become dry. 

Protect your hands

During cold temperatures or people that frequently wash dishes and use cleaning chemicals (or anyone that keeps their house clean) are are susceptible to dry hands and cracked cuticles. Hang nails are caused by the dryness around your nail beds so make sure to use gloves if the above applies to you.

Keep these simple tips in mind and stay away from hang nail woes.

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