Ways to combat T zone acne

Some people may complain about severe acne all over their faces while some may complain of recurring acne in specific parts of their face. Usually, people with the latter opinion will notice that their pimples are seen on the T-zone. The T-zone consists of the chin, the area around your mouth, the nose and the forehead. The skin in these areas usually has more sebaceous glands compared to other areas and this leads to more oil production, and ultimately more acne. If you feel like this T-zone rule may apply to the acne in your face, you might want to use the following tips.

  • Cleanse your face regularly

This is perhaps the simplest and most effective technique that you can use to keep acne from developing on your T-zone. Find a face-wash and a moisturizer that suits your skin type and wash your face regularly. If you are against the usage of synthetic products on your face, aloe vera can do the trick too.

  • Keep yourself hydrated and clean

Your cells require water for metabolic activities. Thus drinking a lot of water will keep your body functioning well and will prevent formation of excessive oils and pimples. Since dust and dirt also contribute to acne, try to regularly change your bed-sheets, towels and pillow cases.

  • Don’t mess with pre-existing acne

Although zit-popping can be quite appealing, it isn’t an appropriate technique to use to get rid of T-zone acne since this can lead to further skin irritation and more acne. Rather, not to touch your face with your hands, and more importantly, with your hair.

Keep these tips in mind and combat your T zone acne!

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