Vitamin C For Your Skin

Vitamin C is most likely a part of your diet as it is found in fruits such as oranges and guavas and it aids growth and repair of tissues in the body. Since the body does not store vitamin C, we need to consume it on a regular basis. Plus it work wonders on the skin as well and here is how:

Protects from the environment

Vitamin C protects our skin from free radicals that develop from sun exposure, environmental pollution and smoking. The antioxidants in vitamin C protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. Also, vitamin C helps alleviate sun burns and combats skin damage such as the consequences of long term sun exposure that can lead to skin cancer.

Stimulates collagen production 

A deficiency of vitamin C can makes the skin dull and lifeless due to the lack of collagen. Vitamin C is a required component for producing hydroxylsine and hydroxyproline, both of which are needed to bind the molecules that produce collagen, which works to firm and tone the skin. A healthy dose of vitamin C helps rejuvenate the skin from the roots and reduces wrinkles and symptoms of aging in the long run.

Prevents skin discoloration

Vitamin C protects your DNA from photo-chemical reactions that can lead to skin discoloration, tumor and several kinds of skin cancer. Vitamin C inhibits the reaction of the production of pyrimidine dimers which are the primary cause of melanomas in humans. It also lightens discolored spots like freckles and age spots and helps achieve a smoother and younger-looking skin.

Review your diet and make sure it is rich in vitamin C or opt for supplements and improve your overall skin health.

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