Unique Father’s Day Gifts

If you would like to surprise your dad and totally unique gifts for him this June 19th Father’s Day 2016, here are some top 3 ideas for you. It starts from $3 to $300 according to your budget. We promise that it all high rated, quality and totally %90 usable products for your big hero!

Option 1: Car Accessories

Magnetic Car Mount Holder_fathersday_unique_gift

Most Dads have to drive and use their phone as gps. If your dad is one of them, we promise this will be the best gift that you can buy for him. It is a magnet and easy to install car phone mount. It won’t damage the car or the phone. It is strong and doesn’t block the main screens on the car. It is extremely cost efficient as well. Click the product photo and see it yourself. It has more than 1000+ 4.5 star ratings in amazon as well.



Option 2: Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight fathers day unique gift

This gift might sound a little bit awkward but it is truly one of the best. At night, if your dad wakes up and goes to the bathroom, this will be a big help for him and also rest of the family. No one likes a bright light right after you open your eyes for only 5 mins for the restroom break. The motion activated toilet nightlight is perfect for your dad and for the family. It is again another cost efficient side of the gift line at amazon. Click on the product photo to see the reviews and also buy it.

Option 3: Weekender Handmade Travel Bag

Weekender_peg+awl_fathersday_gift_ideasIf you are okay to buy a little bit more edgy, handmade, and super custom gift for your life’s big hero, we totally recommend Peg + Awl’s handmade designs in amazon. It is trult beautiful, high quality and also a little bit expensive. You can also choose this gift for his birthday as well. Click on the photo for more details, reviews and inside photos of this AMAZING quality travel bag.

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