Tricks To Make Sure You Get The Right Colored Foundation

Foundation is supposed to help your skin look its best. You do not want your face to look like it has been layered with makeup. Choosing a foundation is almost always like all or nothing. You either get the right shade or you don’t. However choosing the right one has a lot more to it than just suiting your complexion. Here we have tricks that could make your selection easier:

Do some research:

Popular makeup brands have tools on their website that can help you match your skin tone and complexion to find the right shade. You can log on and answer questions about your skin and these websites will recommend what would be best for your skin.

Know your undertone:

Choosing a foundation based on how light or dark you are is not the right way to do it. Your complexion may get darker due to exposure to the sunlight or you might get paler than you usually are but your undertone remains the same. Knowing what undertone you have will help you pick the right foundation colors. Usually people fall into one of the three categories: cool, warm or neutral. Those with a cool undertone should opt for foundation with either a red or a blue base. People with warmer undertones usually have golden skin and foundation with yellow or bronze bases tend to go well with this skin tone. Having a neutral undertone means that you can opt for foundations with both yellow or blue bases.

Test a few shades:

From what you know about your undertone, choose a few foundation shades on the basis of what you think would suit your skin. Use testers to apply some foundation on your jawline and blend it onto your neck to see the results. The skin here is closest to your true undertone and if it works well under natural and artificial lighting without looking like a contrast to your neck, then you’ve probably found the right shade. If you are still in doubt, choose a darker shade because while choosing too light of a shade may put you at the risk of looking unnaturally white, opting a darker one will only make you look tan.

Watching makeup tutorials will also give you a fair idea of what to expect while choosing the right foundation. Keep these tricks in mind and you will be able to choose the right shade of foundation that looks best on your skin.

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