Top Reasons Why You Should Not Wash Your Hair With Hot Water

When you read about hair care routines and how to get long, shiny and thick hair, it’s easy to get lost with the tips and tricks. Although some tips are far-fetched, some are golden advice like not washing your hair with hot water. Here’s why you should avoid hot water:

Dries up your hair

We’re all guilty of taking a hot shower, covering your bathroom cloud of steam. But this amount of heat can cause your hair to dry up the moment you leave the shower. Why? Because the hot water in wet hair evaporates easily and strips all the moisture from your hair. And when the natural oils from your hair is stripped off, it becomes frizzy.

Makes your hair prone to breakage and hair loss

Washing your hair with hot water can reduce the thickness of your hair strands. The heat damages the strength of your hair causing it to become brittle and prone to breakage.  All of which result in hair loss and dull and damaged hair.

Weakens the roots

When you wash your hair you also expose your scalp to the water and shampoo you use. Hot water damages the roots and strip the much needed natural oils on your scalp. This weakens roots of your hair strand making it lose grip from the scalp and becoming easy to pull out while brushing your hair.

So, do your hair a favor and turn down the water temperature in the shower!

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