Top Benefits Of Stretching Before You Exercise

We continuously hear about the importance of daily exercise to stay healthy. But, the discussion might overlook the importance of stretching in your workout regime. To ensure you never skip stretching, here are a few of the top benefits of stretching stretching before you exercise:

Prepares nervous system 

Workouts require equal parts of mental and physical strength. So, it is important for your nervous system to be aware about what’s coming up. Whether you’re interested in using weights or engaging in some cardio, stretching prepares the nervous system by rising the body temperature. It calms your mind and provides your body a chance to recharge. As a result, your mind and body are at sync to help you burn the possible calories.

Improves body’s flexibility

Before you workout it is essential to warm up the muscles that you will be using. This makes the muscle more flexible, allowing them to move with more ease and perform the exercises at your full potential. All of which help you achieve your workout goals faster without any post workout muscle strains.

Increases promptness

Warming up your muscles with stretching exercises reduces the stress placed on your body during your workouts. It pumps up your blood and nutrient supply to your muscles, which reduces the chance of muscle soreness. Also, it decreases the potential injury by preparing your muscles to be worked.

Dedicate about 10 minutes for stretching before exercising and be prepared to enjoy your workouts and achieve your workout goals!

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