Top 5 songs that can pump up your summer 2016 morning run

As you are enjoying the summer temperatures, you probably need motivation to work out. Songs greatly influence your mood and if your running playlist is boring, you will probably lose the excitement. Upbeat songs are what you need to set your mood right and we give you exactly that. Here are top 5 songs to pump up your morning routine:

Avicii-Broken Arrows

Avicii’s new upbeat song increases your excitement levels and is bound to make you look forward to your morning run. This latest single by Avicii starts out slow and soft but breaks into an energetic song; perfect for your workout. Add this song to your playlist and feel unstoppable.

Confident-Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s empowering single will give you the willpower you need to get over your laziness and go on your morning run. WIth motivating lyrics, ‘Confident’ provides you with just the confidence you need to be fitter and healthier.

Can’t Stop The Feeling- Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has us all reeling in excitement from his new release. With peppy music and happy lyrics, ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ will have you feeling like you do actually have “sunshine in your pocket” which is the best way you could start your day.

Cheap Thrills-Sia ft.Sean Paul

You cannot go wrong with this pop beat. True to its name, Sia’s popular release will have you thrilled and ready to break into your moves midway through your run. This addition to your playlist will have you anticipating your run and keep you energized.

Cake by the ocean-DNCE

The first release of the band, this pop number is bouncy and will help you transition from “too lazy to function” to “never felt better” in a matter of seconds. Your morning run starts your routine for the day and this hit debut will give you the motivation you need to start your day on a good note.

On days when you do not want to leave your bed, this playlist of hit pop numbers will surely have you wanting to be out and about.

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