Top 3 Benefits Of Corn

If you’re someone that just can’t get enough of corn, here is some good news. Native to Central America, corn is cultivated and consumed throughout the world. However, corn has more to it than just being a treat that we indulge in. Here are top 3 benefits that corn has to offer:

Packed with antioxidants:

All varieties of corn are rich in antioxidant properties. These benefits actually stem from the phytonutrients present in the corn. As a rich source of antioxidants, corn fights against carcinogens. It has been shown to contain ferulic acid which is an anticarcinogenic agent and has proven to be effective in fighting tumours that lead to breast and liver cancer. The antioxidants also reduce other dangerous forms of cancer by killing cancerous cells and leaving healthy cells unaffected.

Offer digestive benefits:

Corn is known to be a good source of fiber. Consuming corn increases our overall fiber intake. This fibrous property induces the growth of friendly bacteria in our large intestine and also helps develop short chained fatty acids. This helps our bowel movement become much more smoother and easy. These fatty acids are also known to prevent colon cancer by providing energy to our intestinal cells.

Rich in vitamin A:

Yellow corn is also high in beta-carotene which is the core protein involved in the formation of Vitamin A. It helps us maintain good eyesight and also keeps our skin healthy. Too much vitamin A can also be toxic for the body, but beta-carotene only forms as much as the body requires. The beta-carotene that is left unused in its original form acts as an antioxidant to prevent cancer and other heart diseases. Smokers needs to be careful, because for them, high beta-carotene levels can prove to be hazardous as they increase the risk of lung cancer, but for non-smokers it continues to act as an anticarcinogenic agent.

Much of the health benefits offered by corn are due to the nutrients that are present within. From protecting our hearts and reducing anemia risks, corn can also lower unhealthy cholesterol levels. Diabetic patients and those with high blood pressure can also benefit from corn.
For a healthier lifestyle, be sure to incorporate it into your diet this summer!

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