Top 2 reasons why you should air dry your hair

Air drying wet hair is everybody’s favorite go-to styling mantra. It requires no more than a dry towel, a few hair ties, some clips and your favorite styling products to get started. Today, simple and various air drying techniques from buns to braids are easily available to help transform your hair from mediocre to epic. They take really less time, and have some of the easiest steps. Here are reasons why too, should totally give it a go!

1) Air drying your hair means not having to use the blow dryer whose excessive heat can easily make hair brittle and thus susceptible to damage. With air drying, no such issues will arise. In fact the only issues that may are a few tangles and knots which can be easily taken care of with the right moisturizer or styling product in a jiffy. Air drying is the best way to avoid the frizzy mess that a blow drier would have otherwise left you with as the only thing making its way through your air will be natural air.

2) Air drying can produce a variety of different and satisfying styles. Some of the most artfully acquired styles like the disheveled beach wave, ropy, polished or textured waves, low key bends, gentle curls are made through air drying techniques like braids, buns, twists and more. These styles are applicable to all types of hair from straight, to wavy, to curly and even natural.

The fact that you can master a hairstyle like that of Maria Sharapova or Kate Moss through a very domestic approach should be reason alone for you to air dry your hair.

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