Tips To Match Your Lipstick With Your Eye Color

How do you find the right shade of lipstick to wear? There are many things that help you make your decision. But, there are some shades of lipstick that bring out your eye color and compliment it. So here a few tips to match your lipstick with your eye color and find a shade that flatters your eyes and face.

Start with your eye color: Figure out your eye color. Determine if your eyes are brown, blue, green hazel, amber, grey, a combination or some other color. 

Then choose the right lipstick shade for you: Here are some expert opinions on different eye colors to guide you.

  • Brown: This is one of the more common eye colors. The major advantage of this color is it goes with just about any shade of lipstick! But, tones such as deep pink, soft nude, red-orange, cinnamon are known to work well. Also, if you have brown eyes you should avoid muddy shades.
  • Blue: Blue eyes glow and shine beautifully. Shades like lilac, coral, or light dusty pink are known to compliment blue eyes. As a general rule of thumb shades of pink enhance blue eyes.
  • Green: About 2% of the world’s population has green eyes, so if you’re one of them make sure you highlight them. Shades like classic red, copper, cinnamon, taupe or a bright orange are known to complement green eyes.
  • Hazel: Hazel eyes look best when you use nude shades of lipstick. In addition, hazel eyes are known to pop out when paired with peachy shades.

Now that you have a few general guidelines, remember, the best tip for your lip is to start with your eyes!

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