Tips to experiment with nail polish without standing out

You don’t always have to make a fashion statement with your nail color because sometimes simple is the way to go. But, don’t assume that wearing something simple means being boring and wearing just a top coat. You can still have fun with your nail colors without standing out in the crowd. Listed below are some of them:  

  • Seasonal colors

You can match your nail color to that of the seasons. Wearing pastels during the spring or deep toned colors during fall is a way of trying something new but it won’t be something that is way too noticeable.

  • Fun top coat

Nowadays, top coats are available in a wide range of fun assortments. There are the usual glitter top coats and more fun ones like top coats that look like sprinkles. Or, you could try the matte top coat. Just layer them on top of your usual nail polish to turn your nails matte. Whichever one you choose, this is something that could take your nails to the next level.  

  • Nail art

Nail arts doesn’t necessarily have to be funky, crazy ones. There are a lot of options of simple nail arts that you can try such as gradient nails or dotticure nails. Or, you can just paint on cute little flowers or do a line of polka dots around the edge of your nails. Either way, you could experiment with nail arts without going overboard.

Keep these tips in mind and unleash your creative side through your nails without standing out.

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