Things To Consider When You Buy Moisturizer

Moisturizers are one of the most important skin care products. It seals the moisture on the outer layer of the skin by pulling moisture from the inner layer. The main ingredients used to make moisturizers are petrolatum, mineral oil, lanolin, and dimethicone. But how do you choose the right moisturizer? Here’s a list with things to consider when you buy moisturizer:

  1. Focus on skin type, not price

Make sure you know your skin type and make sure the moisturizer you choose matches with it. The price of a moisturizer does not determine its effect on your skin. Not everybody has the same skin type. If you have dry skin it is recommended that you go for oil based moisturizers whereas if you have oily skin, you are recommended to opt for a more water based moisturizer to avoid the extra oil on oil based moisturizers which can trigger acne. Additionally, people with sensitive skin should make sure their moisturizer has a “hypoallergenic” label.

  1.  Opt for enriched formulas

If you are interested in enriching your skin with all the vitamins possible, you could opt for moisturizers with enriched formulas for skin repair and elasticity. Some vitamins to look out for could be Vitamin A that helps to reduce wrinkles and Vitamin C which stimulates collagen production and soy compounds which are responsible for the smooth texture of the skin.

  1. Consider the weather

Do keep in mind that the effects of moisturizers is altered by the weather.  So, you should pay attention to the way your skin behaves over the seasos. If you have an oily skin, you might have noticed how your skin becomes extra greasy in the summer time and you should consider switching over to a non-greasy formula during the summers.  As for the cold winter weather, you should opt for a richer moisturizer as it helps your skin overcome the extra dryness.

Moisturizers help to keep your skin get hydrated by locking in your skin’s natural moisture and preventing it from drying out. So, you should put a little though while choosing the right moisturizer for you!

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