The Risks Of Abdomen Fat

Abdomen fat, or belly fat, isn’t always detectable to the naked eye and can be sneaky. You might think you are healthy, but there may be some excessive belly fat tucked under you that you are either not aware of or overlooking. Even though you aren’t seriously overweight, it doesn’t mean that you are healthy. While most people think that belly fat is ugly, hiding your abs and showing-off your flabs, abdominal fat has a huge risk to your health too. Here is a look at the possible risks of abdomen fat:


Excessive belly fat increases your risk of certain types of cancer. The chemical cytokines (found within the fat) can cause inflammation which can trigger certain types of cancer. Recent studies have also linked excessive abdomen fat with certain types of cancer of the colon, esophagus and pancreas.   


Again, the chemical cytokines can make your body less sensitive to insulin. Since insulin is key in keeping the blood sugar levels of your body in check, an interference with insulin could trigger diabetes.

Heart diseases

The hidden or visible fat around your body can affect your vital internal organs through your blood stream. Excessive or not abdomen fat and cytokines increase the risks of heart attacks and strokes. 

Increase your high blood pressure

Along with diabetes, stroke, cancer and heart diseases, excessive abdomen fat can also negatively impact your blood pressure. Studies have shown that abdomen fat can leads to an increase in high blood pressure.

So, you might want to keep your belly fat in check to drop the risks of abdominal fat.

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