The Power Of Contouring Your Face

Contouring is that subtle addition to your makeup routine that can make you look glamorous if done right. It takes technique and time to get it right and it is not advisable for you to make it a part of your daily routine if you do not have practice or patience. That being said, here are reasons why contouring is a must try and how it can work wonders for your face:

1) Double chin disguise

Contouring around the jawline is a popular practice. It accentuates the line and the ends of the jaw and makes it seem sharp regardless of your face structure. Contouring your jawline is the easiest way to achieve a more defined look for your face. A more accentuated jaw means that your neck is easily distinguished from your face and your double chin worries disappear without much effort.

2) Slimmer appearance

Contouring has the power to make your face appear more oval, the most suitable shape for makeup application. Contouring around the hairline and your chin will make the chin area stand out in comparison to the jawline. This creates the illusion of a more oval face. Contouring your collarbones also makes the beauty bone pop, making you appear slimmer.

3) Bolder look

If you really want your makeup look to stand out, contouring is the best option you have. Contouring around the eyes smoothens the creases that have formed and makes them appear bigger, also creating a more dramatic effect. This not only highlights your eye makeup but also makes your overall look appear more real and interesting.

As easily as contouring can make you look good, it can also make you look horrible if you lack technique or the materials. Be careful about the products you use and have fun contouring!

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