The Need For Toning In Your Exercise Regime

Everyone who’s been to the gym or even someone who hasn’t been to the gym has heard about toning their muscles. But, what exactly does toning mean? And more importantly, why is it essential for all those gym-addicts, body builders or average people looking to get a fit bod?

Toning refers to making your muscles lean by reducing the amount of body fat that covers this muscle, so that your muscles appear more defined or toned. It has nothing to do with actually increasing the size of your muscle, but rather decreasing the intramuscular fat and conditioning your muscles for better performance.

Toning has several benefits, which are not just limited to your body, and some are:

  • Muscle toning exercises improve muscular strength, lean muscle mass and endurance
  • Including toning in your regular workout regime will promote a firm and well-sculpted physique
  • It has been known to increase an individual’s metabolic rate, making the process of weight loss more effective
  • Toning of muscles in your upper abdomen improves your posture, by making muscles firmer and also strengthening your bones
  • Toning will allow your body to have more stamina, more flexibility and it can even attenuate the chances of developing certain diseases like diabetes and heart disease
  • Your mental health will be better than before because of reduced levels of stress, more energy and higher levels of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Toning can even help your mind to be focused and more alert while you work, so you won’t need caffeine to kick start your day – a change in your diet that will be highly beneficial

Now that you know all this, it’s time to make toning a part of your exercise regime.

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