The best natural moisturizer for your skin

We all use moisturizers to avoid dry, scaly skin, but are the moisturizers you use really benefiting your skin or not? Cosmetic moisturizing creams have harmful long term effects on your skin. Even though these creams work fine by trapping moisture and preventing water loss, these also hinder the natural hydration process. Results like weakened skin barrier and clogged pores, making the skin age early, can be observed by daily use of cosmetic moisturizing creams. To avoid these problems, many people now prefer natural moisturizers. Such moisturizers are recognized to lessen the risks of such problems. So, here is a consistency formula for the best natural moisturizer for your skin.

Avocado-Honey-Milk Mixture

Mix about a quarter of an avocado and a tablespoon of honey, and pour some raw milk on it. You may use fresh cream instead of raw milk. Puree this into a paste easy enough to apply on the skin. Leave it on for about an hour to two hours and rinse with lukewarm water. These ingredients individually also, provide many skin benefits which you can grab by applying this natural moisturizer. Avocado has fatty acids which give your skin a healthy complexion. Honey helps in anti-ageing and treating and preventing acne. Milk and fresh cream are both rich in protein and help in removing wrinkles.

With this easy homemade moisturizer, get glowing healthy skin in just about an hour. Applying this recipe on your skin twice a week will make it hydrated enough to not apply any cosmetic moisturizer.

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