Simple Ways To Protect Your Hair from Sun Damage

When we discuss sun exposure, we often discuss skin care options and need but the need to understand hair damage by sun exposure is equally important. Sun damage, one’s hair may stop growing stat shedding and this would lead to hair loss. Too prevent all that from happening, you could simply protect your hair from sun damage.

Sun damage protection guide:

  • Did you know that sunscreen application is not limited to your skin? Yes, it can be applied on the hair as well to shield it from harmful effects of the sun. Just warm some of the lotion up with your hand and rub it on your hair.
  • Oils has uses beyond cooking and is great natural option for protection. They shine your hair and the provide natural protection. So grab some oil from your kitchen – or mix in a few – and gently apply it across your hair before going out and about in the sun.
  • If you want one shortcut, simply add a hat to to your outfit. Hats provide you with a stylish look while protecting your hair protect. So, if you don’t have a hat in your closet why not invest in one?
  • The way you wear your hair, or your hairstyle, can also make a difference. So, when you step out during sunny days, tie it in an up-do, head wrap or a simple bun to avoid exposing the ends of your hair-strands to the sun and saving it from damage.

These simple tips can help protect your hair in the long run. Also, stay away from lemon based products can keep your hair from drying out too fast, so do keep that in mind. 

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