Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Heat Rashes

Heat rashes are the worst; they occur when your sweat glands are blocked and sweat remains trapped in your pores. It mostly occurs in areas where your skin rubs against skin to create friction like your inner thighs and your armpits, but it isn’t uncommon for it to appear on areas like your neck, your back and your face. Heat rashes are a summer bane for all of us, so here are simple ways to get rid of heat rashes:

1) Avoid the heat

Ditch the heat as much as possible. Sitting in areas that is well ventilated or even better yet, air conditioned can work wonders. Your heat rash won’t disappear but you can contain it and soothe it. Grab something cool to drink and beat the heat and make sure you don’t touch and further irritate your heat rashes. While this trick may not help you lose heat rashes instantly, it is still best to avoid the heat if you feel like there are chances you might end up getting them.

2) Aloe Vera treatment

An aloe vera treatment after a nice cold shower can do great things to your skin. Aloe vera is widely available and you can easily grow it at home. All you need to do is break off one of the spikes and squeeze the gel out and apply it in a gentle circular motion on your rashes. You will feel an instant cooling and healing effect.

3) Lavender/peppermint oil

Both of these plants are known to have cooling properties that is very effective in healing your heat rashes. You can choose to apply the oil directly to the affected areas or you can simply add a few drops of both or either to your shower gel. You can purchase these oils online if you have difficulty finding them at your nearby stores.
Remember, to avoid hot places and take cool showers regularly. Keep distance from skin clogging lotions and creams and combat heat rashes!

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