Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Body Acne

Whether it be hormonal change, dirt and bacteria or simply genetics that causes bodily acne, it can be hurtful to both your skin and your self-esteem. What’s good about this is that bodily acne isn’t permanent and can be cured easily. Here are simple ways to get rid of body acne:

  • Take a shower every day

Having to take a shower everyday may be hard to incorporate in the lives of many. But, if you are struggling with acne on your body, it is highly suggested by experts to do this as it cleans off the dirt, oil and bacteria collected over the course of the day. If not cleansed properly, your body creates an optimal environment for clogged pores and unfortunately, acne.

  • Use a medicated body wash

Experts recommend the use of a medicated body wash with either salicylic acid or citric acid. These body washes are gentle enough for your body to respond positively and can be applied to your body evenly- unlike typical acne creams, which may prove to be difficult to apply in all the areas affected by acne. Furthermore, ingredients such as tree tea oil, aloe vera, lemon and green tea extract will moisturize your skin while fending acne as well.

  • Be extra careful when working out

After working out, there are high chances for oil and sweat to get trapped in the pores of your forehead or the back of your neck, which could result to an uninvited breakout. By having your hair up and away from your face, you could greatly reduce bodily acne and even prevent it in the long run. Wearing clothes that are tight during workouts can cause all the sweat and grime to rub against your skin. Instead, experts suggest wearing loosely fitted clothes in order to keep away acne at bay.

Following these tips don’t require too much time or effort, and soon enough, results that appear will leave your skin looking as amazing as it could possibly be.

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