Simple Tips To Groom Your Nails

Trimming your toenails and fingernails is a mundane tasks that is a part of everyone’s life. Though simple, it isn’t something that should be done carelessly. When not cut timely, nails grow too long and too wild and often become sharp, rough, and dangerous. Trimming your nails every few weeks is enough to ensure that they grow healthily. While you’re at it, there are a few tips to groom your nails:

Soak your nails for a few minutes beforehand– this softens the hardened nails and makes them easier to trim: This also prevents brittle nails from cracking, making the process of cutting a lot easier. A few minutes of preparation can save more time, so don’t be lazy to get a bowl of warm water to soak your nails.

Don’t make your nails too short- be sure to leave a bit of nail above the nail bed: When grooming your nails, don’t force the clippers all the way to the nail bed. This is one of the major causes of ingrown nails in toes! It can leave your nails susceptible to infections and often just hurts you.

Cut your nails straight across and file them to get that hand-model finesse: Though our nails have natural curves, remember not to dig down the sides when trimming. Instead try to maintain a relatively straight line. This give your nails a more uniform look. Filing may take some extra time but it very neatly and cleanly groomed nails.

Following these tips, grooming your nails becomes easier and less of a hassle.

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