Rose Water Body Exfoliating Remedy

Exfoliation is a process through which you remove dead cells from the top layer of your skin in order to make it smooth and radiant. Did you know that on average, it takes 30 days for new skin to build up? And if the old layer of skin is not removed, it can make your skin rough, dull and may even develop blemishes. So, here is a rose water body exfoliating remedy to rescue your skin.

Why Rose Water?

If not done right, exfoliation can cause skin irritation and skin injury due to scrubbing your skin too hard. Also, it can cause itchiness, dryness and inflammation. But don’t worry, there is a remedy for all of these problems and that is the use of rose water after exfoliation. Rose water has proved to be very beneficial and can be used in various different ways. Furthermore, it can be used for all types of skins and is a natural wonder with wonderful skin benefits.  

Rose water is fit for use with all types of skin. So you won’t have to worry about your skin being too sensitive or oily after its use. Rose water is particularly handy after exfoliation as it has soothing and cooling properties which can help prevent skin irritation if you do develop it. Furthermore, it works well with people with combination or oily skin as it balances and cleanses your skin along with adding a healthy glow. Also, if you do get itchiness, dryness or inflammation, rose water can be used to soothe your skin as it has natural antiseptic, antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. Moreover, rose water is filled with antioxidants which, so it will nourish the skin ad soften it.

Make rose water a part of your post and pre exfoliation skin care regime and be prepared for skin care success!

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