Reasons Why You Should Include Sugar In Your Diet

Sugar has a reputation for being the cause of health problems such as obesity, which can lead to diseases such as diabetes and several other complications. But, like other essential components for healthy food choices, sugar need to be a part of your diet. Here are a few reasons why you should include sugar in your diet. 

Carbohydrate sugar

Carbohydrates, including sugar, are the preferred sources of the body’s fuel for brain power, muscle energy and every other natural process that goes on within a functioning cell. Sugar from carbohydrates plays an important role in making sure that you have enough energy to carry out through the day.

Natural sugar

You have control over the kind of sugar you put in your body, which means that you can use sugar that your body can use over a period of time, comprising of fruits, vegetables and whole grains instead of say, a bar of your favorite chocolate. If you eat natural foods, your body will process them more slowly than foods that contain added sugars.

Amount of sugar

Also, moderation is the key to success. Everything in your diet needs to have some moderation, and this is even more important when it comes to foods that are necessary but cause health problems if consumed too much like sugars. Sugar is present in almost every food such as nuts, salad dressings and even milk. Avoiding sugar, an essential biological molecule, isn’t just hard- it’s almost impossible. Avoiding refined and processed sugar is, however, possible. 

So, instead of avoiding sugar, you should keep tabs of the type of sugar you’re consuming and take it in moderation.


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