Quick Tricks To Conceal Oily Hair

Oil and grease can accumulate in the roots of your hair due to product buildup or due to a lack of timely hair wash. This can make your hair look sticky, icky and dirty which causes you to be more conscious of your appearance. But you shouldn’t worry because there are many quick and easy ways to conceal your oily hair!

  • Dry shampoo

This is the holy grail of hair products for oily hair since it can make your hair look freshly washed, soft, voluminous and give it a pleasant smell. It is a great for emergencies and when you can’t or don’t have access to a shower. Whether you get a powder or spray, closely follow the instructions for optimal (and grease-free hair) results. 

  • Sea Salt Spray

Grease on your hair gets rid of its volume and it can cause your hair to appear like it’s plastered against your scalp. Using a sea salt spray you can combat the oily hair and add volume to the crown of your hair by removing the grease.

  • Hair accessories

Accessories like hats and headbands can conceal your oily hair by giving it a stylish spin. Wearing accessories will ensure the focus is transferred from your greasy hair to the fancy hair accessories and hats. Even head wraps can be a chic way to conceal oily hair!

  • Hair buns

Hairstyles like top knots can conceal your oily and greasy hair. Given that these type of hairstyles require your hair to be tightly pushed back, it’s a perfect way to cover-up your oily hair without looking disheveled. 

What’s your pick to conceal your oily hair?


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