Why YouTube’s “Poppy” Is So Popular?

YouTube Poppy-looreThat Poppy or Poppy uploaded her first video on November 4, 2014 and since that time people are attracted to her. We do not know Poppy’s real name or her age; but we know the director behind her: Titanic Sinclair. Of course that is not his real name as well.

You might know the name Titanic Sinclair if you were or are a fan of Mars Argo. If you do not know this name let me give me you quick summary. Mars Argo and Titanic Sinclair were dating and they apparently decided to make a show called Computer Show. They were madding weird videos. You can watch one of them from going to youtube channel grocerybagdottv. The video’s name is “Delete Your Facebook” You can see that Mars and Titanic are acting little weird.

Anyway the topic is not Mars Argo or Titanic Sinclair. The topic is Poppy. There are tons of theories about her. I actually agree with some of them. Today I am going to tell you two popular theories about That Poppy.

Theory one: As we can see Poppy is a young adult who is in a depression. Poppy’s mind is not working right and she has a mental problem. She is making videos to share her imagination with the internet. Some people are actually scared for her. Some people think that she might hurt herself or maybe even kill herself. There are lots of people who are actually believing this theory. If I can be bias I can say that this is not the theory that I am believing in.

Theory two: Poppy is a fictional character to show people the dark side of the life of a pop star. Poppy has a Vevo channel and she has five and one in coming music videos. While she is singing she is energetic and you can understand that but on her personal channel That Poppy she is talking in a monotone way and she is not normal at all. There are some commercial videos on her channel just like a famous person do.  In one her videos where she presents her t-shirt she looks away and ask “What do you want me to say?” In this art of the video we hear a weird sound and then Poppy looks back at the camera do what the voice told her to do. Also in her Lowlife music video she is in a pose, which we know as a Satanic pose. This is also really popular in modern time.

There tons of youtube videos about Poppy and her little secret. I believe in the second theory. If you guys want to learn more about Poppy go check her Youtube channel and watch some of her weird videos. I am sure that there will be more of this kind of videos coming.

If you do not know about her check her channel and think about these theories. Maybe you will have an all different theory. But so far, it is really interesting that Poppy is a phenomenon in YouTube now.

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