7 MakeUp Hacks: How To Do Natural, “No Make Up” Look


      You do not have to pay a lot for make up goods. Natural make up look comes from choosing “the right colors”.

       It is really very easy to get a natural look by using slight make up. Here are some useful tips for daily use;

1) Preparing the face:

It is common case to have a pale skin when you wake up and look at the mirror for the first time. If you wash your face and use the face moisturizer immediately your face will lighten up faster before the make up.

2) Eye Make Up:

In natural make up, a thin eye liner is the most important part. Definitely start the full make up process from eyes.

3) Glowing Eyes:

Use natural tone eye shadows to your eye lids. It will look natural, give you instinct color and glow to your face.

4) No Foundation:

If you are in search for natural make up, avoid using foundation. A skin with only moisturizer will give you a better look.

5) No Exaggerated Mascara:

Use the mascara only to your upper eye lashes.

6) Cheek Bones:

Choose a light color blush. Peach or light pink always good “to-go” colors. To put it light, choose a big powder kind of brush.

7) Lips:

Light colors for lips is the last step. Lip glosses and less sparkly colors will look amazing on your lips and give you a natural make up look. Earth colors, peach and super light pink colors can be the best for this last step.

Again, you do not have to pay a lot for make up goods. Soon, I’ll write about home made, organic mascara and lipsticks.


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