Most important reasons why you should moisturize your skin

Regardless of our skin type, moisturizing is something that all of us should do daily. When we cleanse our skin, it loses moisture so it is necessary that we compensate for it by moisturizing it. Moisturized skin looks younger, softer and remains hydrated. Here are reasons to remind you why you should make moisturizing a part of your daily routine:

Balances your skin’s natural oil production:

People with oily skin may think that dry skin is the goal to accomplish, but the real goal is to make sure your skin remains balanced. Using products that dry your skin only make your oil glands produce more oil. While your skin may feel dry temporarily, it will eventually go back to being oily. Moisturizing after cleansing not only helps you retain moisture, but also makes sure that the oil level remains constant so that an excess does not build up.

Makes your skin look young:

Moisturizing has attractive benefits in the long run. Your skin looks best when it is hydrated. Hydrated skin cells repair faster which means that moisturizers would work as an effective anti-ageing agent. Moisturizers form a temporary shield by retaining water in the outermost layer of the skin and protect it against the harmful effects of the sun. They also improve the skin tone and texture.

Results in healthier skin:

Moisturizers have ingredients that work wonders for rough skin. The most common ingredient, caffeine, makes your skin look plump. The occlusive agents in a moisturizer, lock the water in by blocking the pathways. The ‘humectants’ attract water to the skin cells and the ‘emollients’ repair rough and flaky skin to make them look smoother and healthier. They also make your skin look more attractive by reducing the appearance of your blemishes and making your skin tone look even.

Using moisturizer regularly will help your skin look softer, smoother and healthier. For better results, be sure to use a moisturizer that suits your skin type.

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