Mastering Breathing During Exercise

Exercising can be tiring, simply because your body is exerting energy during various workouts. But, it need not be the case if you manage your energy by mastering breathing during exercise. If you know how to regulate your breathing during your exercise routine, you can last longer without getting tired. Plus, regulated breathing helps provide adequate oxygen, improved blood flow and necessary nutrition.

So, here are a few tips to help you master breathing during your workout session:

  • Exhale: You are supposed to exhale while exerting the most force. For instance, if you are lifting weights inhale before you begin a lift and as you are going through the lift, exhale.
  • Source: Remember, it’s always better to breathe in and out of your through your nose rather than your mouth. In doing so, you supply your body with purified air while breathing through your nose. Also, you won’t get tired quickly.
  • Technique: Working on right breathing technique during cardio can take some time to master but once you figure that out your performance will improve. Regulate your breathing by inhaling for 3-4 steps and exhaling for another 3-4 steps. The constant flow of oxygen will help stretch your stamina.
  • Stretching: During stretching, you should regulate your breathing through your nose and take in deep breaths when you hold any pose. Remember, your stomach should be filled with air and exhale to the fullest before you breathe in again.

Whether you’re interested in lifting, cardio or stretching, keep these simple tips in mind for mastering breathing during your exercise routine.

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