MakeUp Styles Based On Your Eye Color

When you are doing your eye makeup, choosing the right colors will effect your full look. Here are some great tips and easy applications for your next makeup time;

Hazel/Brown Color Eyes;


EyeShadow: Choose natural tones. Especially beige and earth tones will make your look more sexy.  

Don’t: Blue or Pink colors can create a different contrast. If you have a little pale skin, you might use but usually to extreme contrast won’t look super clear on brown/hazel color eyes.

EyePencil: Black colors or dark brown colors will give extra definition to your eyes.

Green Eyes:


EyeShadow: Green, gold and dark purple will look great on your eyes. For extra definition use contrast colors.

Don’t: Silver type of colors won’t give you the best look. On the contrary golden colors will definitely serve the best for green eyes.

EyePencil: Dark brown or extra dark black eye pencils will look the best of best for green eye colors.

Blue Eyes:

MakeUp Styles Based On Your Eye Color

EyeShadow: Natural, earth tones will pop the blue eye color more and give extreme sexy look.

Don’t: Pink and blue colors will look extreme. Try to use contrast shadows and pencils.

EyePencil: Grey colors and brown colors will look the best of best.

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