Healthy Tips: Be Less Bloated in These 5 Easy Steps!

Sometimes the digestive issues create a big problem, especially in spring and summer time. We talked with top personal trainers and nutritionist in our city Los Angeles, here are some useful tips;

“Sugar Alcohol” in Package Goods:

Sugar alcohols [like sorbitoln and maltitol] are a type of low-digestible carbohydrates (LDCs) added for flavoring.  They are usually used to make unhealthy food more unhealthy and they are NOT absorbed by your small intestine. When you are buying the products always read the label and try to avoid these type of products for your health.

Less Sodium:

Canned, frozen and fast food products have excessive amount of sodium. When you consume them, your body will absorb water and you will bloated. Try to eat more natural state products. Such as grains, vegetables and fruits. Balance your diet. Avoid adding additional salt to your meals before you even taste it.

Replace Coffee with _____:

Green tea! You can bump up your metabolism naturally and also stop your bloated feeling easily. Make it like a habit and reduce coffee slowly with an easy transition. You will also feel less hungry as well.

Exercise your abs:

It is important to keep your intestines strong. Pilates and other abdominal exercises will help you to reduce bloated feeling.

Stop Chewing Gum:

Chewing gum for at least 30 minutes will increase the air swallowing. Also, the sugar, flavor related gums include maltitol, sorbitol and xylitol inside. In brief english, they are not healthy for you and increase the chance of feeling bloated.

Last recommendation, try at least 1 of the steps here. You will see the change significantly. And keep it in mind, if you are severely having problems, please visit your doctor.

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