Know Your Brushes Series: Skin

There are a lot of makeup brushes available and they come in every shape and size. Every single makeup brush has its own purpose and knowing one from the other can make your makeup look flawless. As part of the series earlier we discuss eye brushes, now here is a post on know your brushes series: skin. 

Powder Brush
Powder brush is arguably the most versatile brush out of all the makeup brushes. It can be used for all types of powder products. So, you can use it to apply powder (as the name suggests), blush, bronzer or even contour.

powder brush

Angled Face Brush
This brush is perfect for contouring.  Angled face brush is the easiest way to add definition to your face. Also, this brush is also perfect to apply blush and to highlight.

angled face brush

Concealer Brush
As the name suggests, this brush is used to put on concealer. Concealer brushes are firm, narrow and tapered, so you can use it with precision while concealing.

concealer brush

Stipling Brush
A stipling blush is perfect to apply foundation as it allows does a good job buffing the product on your skin, giving a blended and flawless finish. It can also be used to apply creamy products such as cream blush or even for body makeup.

Stipling Brush

Fan Brush
This brush can be used for several things: to apply blush, dust on some highlighter or blend other makeup. It is also handy to sweep off excess dust product. 

Fan Brush

Beauty Blender
Though, a beauty blender is not exactly a brush, it needs to be a part of this list. It can be used to apply foundation, blend concealer, layer on blush and bronzer. Once you’re done everything will be well blended and in place. 

beauty blender brush

Now that you know your skin brushes, be prepared to flaunt flawless skin!




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