Know Your Brushes Series: Lips

After a take on eyes and skin, this is a post on know your brushes series: lips. Although you might not realize it, your lips can be a vital part of your makeup regime and it can either make or break it. A plump, defined lip will elevate your makeup look and make you look polished and refined. We tend to think that applying lipstick from a tube or a stick to be pretty easy, unless we’re dealing with a palette. Brushes can help but at times they can be pretty tricky to apply dark and bold lipstick precisely.  Here are a few handy lip brush options:

  1. Retractable Lip Brush
    This brush has rounded and dense fibers which makes it the perfect brush for quick and easy application. It can be used to blend your lip liner and lipstick and for touch ups throughout the day or to simply apply some lip gloss.                                                   retractable lip brush
  2. Angled lip brush
    Like its name indicates, this brush has an angled tip which makes it ideal to contour your lip and get the perfect shape. Angled lip brushes work well with liquid formulas, which can be particularly tricky to apply otherwise.                                                                         angled lip brush
  3. Precision Lip Brush
    A precision lip brush is a round lip brush. The long, extra firm, straight bristles help in depositing lip color while creating definition. The shape of the brush makes it ideal for precise and controlled application of product and you can use it for both lipstick and lip gloss.                                          precision lip brush

Make these brushes a part of your vanity and notch up your makeup game!

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