Know Your Brushes Series: Eyes

There are a lot of eye makeup brushes available in the market, and all of them have their own purpose. Knowing one type of brush from the other may up your makeup game and help you attain the level of perfection that only beauty gurus and makeup artists achieve. Here is know your brushes series: eyes to help you understand the purpose of each brush.

  1. Fluff brush
    This is the most basic eye makeup brush and it can be used to do almost anything. It come in a variety of sizes and the smallest can be used for a strategic placement of shadow, the medium can be used all over the lids and the large too can be used all over the lids or for highlighting the brow bone. fluff brush
  2. Blending brush
    These brushes are the key to achieve the most perfect makeup look. Harsh lines are a big makeup no-no and blending brushes are perfect to blend over everything after application to get rid of the harsh lines. bleeding brush
  3. Smudge brush
    Smudge brushes have smaller and denser bristles than other brushes and this helps you attain a smoky and sultry look. This brush can be used to smudge out your eyeliner or to apply darker shadow on your outer crease. smudge brush
  4. Slanted liner brush
    This brush is of multipurpose and can be used in both your eyes and eyebrows. The slanted tips tip makes it easier to fill in your brows, while it can also be used to make the perfect winged eyes. slanted liner brush
  5. Spoolie brush
    Spoolie brushes can be used for both your eyelashes and your eyebrows. With eyebrows, it helps blends the pencil lines giving you a natural finish. You can also use it on your eyelashes, before your mascara dries, by runing the spoolie through your lashes to push up your lashes and remove the clumps. spoolie brush
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