Know The Difference Between Concealer, Powder and Foundation

Whether you’re a new or seasoned makeup user, you might be confused about concealers, powders and foundations. What’s the difference? Well, each of these products have their own purpose. Here’s a take on all 3 to help you know the difference between concealer, powder and foundation: 


As the name suggests, concealers are used to conceal problem areas. If you have blemishes or under-eye-bags or darkness, concealer helps cover and conceal it all. You need to apply concealer before your foundation to help hide imperfections such as acne, and dark circles. There are two forms: liquid or stick formula and it can be applied with a concealer brush or with your finger-tips.


This is mainly used to set everything (your foundation and concealer) in place. Your skin might be a bit shiny and appear oily after applying concealer and foundation and the powder helps your face get a matte look. Powder usually comes in two forms: pressed and loose. Pressed powder offers more coverage because it is generally thicker and is applied with a sponge. Loose powder can be layered to achieve desired coverage, and is usually applied with a large brush.


The foundations act as a foundation or base for your skin by balancing it out and covering up the imperfections on your skin. If you have an uneven skin tone or any form of imperfections foundations will help balance it all. Foundations come in different forms: liquid, cream, stick, powder, or cream-to-powder. You can apply foundation with your finger-tips, a sponge, or a foundation (flat) brush.

Now that you know the difference, using a concealer, powder and foundation should be easy-breezy!

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