How to spot a good guy on Tinder?

You are at the office…

in the bathroom, in the middle of “the business”..

Waiting for the red light..

In a restaurant..

Swiping left and right..

Welcome to new hook-up culture of dating.. Whether you are trying to find someone for that night, or a long term relationship, you are in search. It is a fact that, finding the right person is difficult. Whether you are “this” or “that” guy search, here are some useful tips;


Know what “type” you are looking for; Sometimes it is hard to and easy to judge the person by his/her couple photos. If you know what type of a partner you are looking for, it will be easy to find. “sense of humor”, “built”, “humble”, “easy going”, or a little womanizer might be all you are looking for.

Give a chance; Sometimes photos can be deceiving, you never know your exact chemistry until the first meet up.

Security; Always take precaution for the first meet up and first “action”. In the end, you are a grown up 🙂

Don’t listen: Don’t listen your friends comments all the time. Trust your inner instinct.

Empathy; Treat people the way that you want to be treated. Don’t expect more or less.

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