How To Make Money On YouTube Videos?

howto_make_money_from_youtube_In this article, we will give you 4 basic steps that can help you to make some money from your YouTube page. Whether you are new to YouTube or has been in the platform for years, there is always good points to learn from uploading your masterpiece and getting some money.


Option 1: Google AdSense Program:

This is one of the easy application that you can do for your videos. Once you activate the monetization on your videos for Google Adsense, your viewers start to see some ads before, during and after your videos. You will get the dollars based on either the clicks or the views. Some Youtubers don’t like this program because they don’t want ads on their videos but if you want to make some money, you can try this option.

Option 2: Affiliate Products:

You can promote the items that you use in your daily life and give some affiliate links from amazon or other e-commerce retail sites. This way when one of your viewer clicks and buys the item you can a small percent of commission since you refer that viewer to the product. This is also another easy way to make money on your YouTube Videos.

Option 3: Sponsorships:

A company simply pays you a flat fee to show their product on your videos. The trick is, you have to have a channel build up before you do this because companies are chasing the high viewed and high subscriber channels for this. The more videos you create, the more chance you will have to be discovered by the companies and start making some money on YouTube.

Option 4: Lead Generation Source:

Let’s say you are a beauty blogger or video influencer and you would like to work for big name companies like Michelle Phan. In your videos, you can promote that you do consultations or make ups for other clients. Once you say that you are available for on site projects or for film/photo shootings, you will also get some extra money working with companies or people in the sets. You can say “email me from the description box below to get a free quote and details”, this way people/companies will be reaching you to do some collaboration work together.

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