How To Lose Weight Fast and Healthy

healthy_lose_weightWhen was the last time you looked at the mirror and think about losing weight? Apparently there are a lot of so-called remedies that you can try but is it really healthy for you?

Eating healthy starts with habits. Your daily routine and the way that you fill your fridge is very important. Here are proven, fast results and healthy solutions for you. Try to implement at least one of them and work your way slowly. It won’t be easy but your dedication can change everything.

Start From Your Refrigerator:

It is a basic rule. Do not buy any food that is bad for you. This includes soda drinks, any junk food and even chocolate. It is simple, if you don’t buy you won’t eat.

Choose Your Best Friends:

You might not like veggies but think about all the weight that you are complaining. Your “best friend” milk chocolate won’t help you to reach your goals. Choose at least one veggie and try to include it to your diet from juice style. You can mix veggies with apple and orange juice.

Plate Method:


As American, we love big portions. It is just in our culture. But break this tradition and buy buying small plates. Be honest to yourself, do you really need a huge size of pasta with amazing basil sauce?

Know Your Carbs:

You don’t need to be a nutritionist or scientist to spot the carbs in your diet. There are basic rules and just don’t forget them. Stay away from these 3 whites. Sugar, Flour and Salt. Salt will keep all the water and make you bloated. Sugar is a simple version of poison. Don’t even let me start on flour part. Just cut the bread, even in 1 week you will see the difference.

Key point:

No cheating. Next time, you won’t complain when you look at the mirror!

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