How To Get Long Healthy Hair Naturally

healthy_hair_long_loore_giselle_sevgiDo you want a long, healthy, gorgeous looking hair?

It is actually very easy if you follow very basic steps before and after the shower.

Using a good hair routine in a week will definitely create amazing results. The best part is, you do NOT have to use expensive products or spend more than 10 minutes for the applications.

Here are the tips that you can get fast results and use home easy remedies:

Method 1: Change The Way You Wash Your Hair:

This looks like an easy step but most people do it the wrong way. Do not use too much shampoo and do not wash your hair every day. You can wash your body but your hair needs its own oil. You can cover it up with a hat or different hair accessories. If you wash your hair everyday, it will break easy and grow only to a certain level.

Method 2: Dry Your Hair Like This:

Do not comb your hair when it is wet. Use your hands and open the tangle parts. This way you won’t break your hair and create split ends.

Method 3: Choose Your Shampoo Wisely:

You do NOT have to spend a fortune for your shampoo. You can certainly create home made remedies and use the affordable shampoos. Don’t fool with marketing and commercials. Coconut Oil and Argan Oil related products will help your hair. Their Shampoos can also be find at your local stores as well.

Method 4: Use Hair Mask:

If you use any type of hair mask to your hair once a week, your hair will grow and enrich fast. You can find different hair masks within your budget. Just don’t forget to hand comb and use less heat to your hair after each application.

Method 5: Drink Water:

Your diet and water consumption per day is very important. Your body and hair should not be dehydrated. You should drink .5-.8 gallons of water every day. Avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption as well.



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