How to forget your ex easily with no possible mistakes?


Take a deep breath..

One more..

It is natural to feel a little bit weird after the last conversation with your ex. Gathering up all his/her items, putting them into boxes and trying to say good bye to all the memories. Good and bad.

Putting yourself in one piece and standing up again by yourself sometimes that’s too much toll. No matter what, life goes on.. Here are some useful and success proven methods that you can use to “forget” him/her without possible mistakes.


Friends: You will easily understand the importance of your circle. Yes, it is true that partners can come and go, especially at the 20s but friends stay forever. Make plans with them and try to organize a weekend get away into the woods.

Sports: Now it is time to go back to the gym. Maybe you missed couple sessions during your mourning period or even haven’t hit to the gym for a long time. Let’s get dirty for real!

No Social Media: You don’t have to delete all your common friends but you can unfollow them from your newsfeed both in Facebook and Linkedin. Peace of mind for a while is always good..

Hobbies: When was the last time that you tried something new? Start with activities section of groupon and living social and find new activities for best distraction. New is always good..

Don’t search for a new partner (yet): Feel the pain, sometimes it is good to be alone. Take a deep breath and embrace the change. The right time will come for the right person. Take your time.

No Night Clubs: It is usually a common mistake to go out with girls, get drunk and have a regretful phone call with your ex. You don’t need a friend called; alcoholic beverages. Instead go to shows, concerts and more fun involved activities. Getting wasted and waking up another guy’s/girl’s bed with a STD won’t be a nice idea.

Best; is yet to come. Don’t forget to take out all his/her remains from your place and if possible move out to a new home. Change is always good. Fresh air, fresh closet and clean slate with a smart start will lead you to better relationships.

Don’t forget, “happiness” is in you, don’t search it in another human being.

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