How To Be a YouTube Celebrity

youtube_star_looreImagine, you can work anywhere in the world, travel anywhere, meet new people and still make great money!

No harsh commitments, no crazy managers, no corporate job responsibilities and no to 9-5 job schedule.

Also imagine, you don’t pay your expenses, earn money for your thoughts and videos, receive free gifts and can work whenever you want.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? You can establish all these by being internet celebrity. Depending on your channel, there are great examples in YouTube who accomplish these dreams. At Loore website, we feature successful internet celebrities, as well as promising talents. Here are great tips from them about their career;

Choose Your Content:

Both the theme and the content is really important for the beginners. Choosing an audience and reaching them with great content is critical. Choose your top YouTubers, check their profile and see their method. The way that you talk, create and present needs to be different than others. At least “one” point.


When you establish your brand, it is a good idea to reach brands. Especially the ones that you follow most of the time. That is the point you can receive sponsorship. The key point is, when you are producing your videos, you really need to be transparent. For instance, if you receive a product for review, you need to mention that it is done under a sponsorship. Genuine acts will be appreciated by your audience.


The best way to increase your audience is to engage with them. Follow, comment and get involved with other people’s profiles. This way you will get noticed more and can do collaborative work with later on.

Set Your Emotions:

Opening an online profile and launching YouTube videos is a full time job. You will be getting both negative and positive comments. No matter what, you need to set your emotions. Be open to all comments but don’t let negativity ruin your craft. You can’t make everyone happy.

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