How Often Should You Scrub Your Body?

Who doesn’t like to feel clean and have silky smooth skin? Having smooth and soft skin does not have to be a dream. A body scrub can help. But, really how often should you scrub your body? How much is good and how much is too much? What scrubbing does is it removes dead skin cells – along with a day’s worth of dirt of course – and it exposes new cells leaving you with fresh and healthier skin.

Golden advice

While scrubbing, it’s important to use something not too hard but a fairly subtle loofah or any other scrub and a good quality body wash (preferably). But, if you scrub too often or too hard, you may end up removing and damaging healthy skin cells, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Expert advice

Experts say that scrubbing (exfoliating) your body at least twice a week is enough.  Just rub gently, in circular motions and you are doing enough.

Similarly, at least twice a week is recommended for your face too. If you have oily skin then maybe you’d want to do it more, but otherwise there is not much need to use a special scrub for your face as long as you’re washing it every day. Giving your face a splash every morning cleanses it and also it leaves you fresh while you’re at it.

Scrub your body for that silky smooth skin. But, remember, enough times will have desirable results and overdoing it will only have undesirable effects.

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