How many sit-ups should you do daily?

Sit-ups are a form of physical exercise that engages the muscles of the rectus abdominis, which include the front sheath of the abdominal, oblique, and hip flexor. This can help you lose that extra belly fat and even tone up your abs. But, how many sit-ups should you do daily?

Preliminary thoughts

As much as you might like to be able to lose weight and get a flat stomach simply by doing sit-ups, this isn’t likely to happen. Sit-ups are a resistance exercise rather than an aerobic one. This helps you tone your muscles more than lead to a significant amount of weight loss.

Losing calories

The amount of calories lost per sit-up depends on the weight of the person and how vigorously they do it as well. For each pound of weight loss, one needs to create a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories. Doing about 30 minutes of moderate calisthenics such as sit-ups will burn from about 135 to 200 calories, so it would take an extremely high number of sit-ups to make a visible amount of difference in weight. What it will do is word the core muscles prepare it for fat burning cardio. 

Plan of action

Due to this fact, doing about a hundred or more sit-ups per day is essential to lose weight or tighten your abs. A more practical plan is to do about 3 rounds of 10 to 15 sit-ups with other forms of cardio while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

Above all, variety is the key to success, so instead of figuring out the ideal number of sit-ups you should do per day, concentrate more on doing varied movements to burn more belly fat!

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