How A Hot Shower Can Ruin Your Skin

A steamy hot shower after a long day could sound very comforting. But, however pleasant and tempting it may seem, it is not healthy for your skin. Not only are hot showers bad for your skin, but it also has the same effect on your hair, leaving it dry as twigs. Here are some ways a hot shower can ruin your skin:

  • Drying of the skin

Hot water can have a serious drying effect by removing too much oil from your skin. This would leave you with extremely dry skin and a whole lot of itching due to the un-comfy crackling. Extreme itching would in turn lead to appalling and ugly wounds.

  • Disrupting protective mantle of skin

Hot water tends to disrupt the protective skin layer. It strips away your skin’s natural defense against dryness and irritants, and can exacerbate skin conditions like acne, eczema, dandruff, and psoriasis.

  • Increasing exposure to skin conditions

Indoor plumber vouch that people really like the idea of hot water baths and made up various excuses to bath in hot waters like hygiene for example. However, skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema increased, are reducing the appeal of hot showers.

  • Lowering immunity system

People think hot water can help to kill bacteria, but little do they know that exposure to high temperature water could scald your skin, disrupt your skin’s protective mantle, and actually make it more susceptible to infection. Some studies have shown that by regularly exposing yourself to cooler temperatures, your immune system produces more white blood cells and increases antioxidant response.

So before you hop into a hot shower think twice about how harmful it can be for your skin. Ask yourself is it all really worth damaged skin? Tell yourself lukewarm is the way to go!

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