Easy/Organic Home Made Skin Care Mask

Are you someone who is spending tons of dollars for skin care products? Searching reviews, trying to find the best product for your skin? I have an amazing solution for you. It will both effect your budget positively and give you a great skin care. At home. Easy to make and apply.

Plain Yogurt (1 table spoons)

Carbonate from your local grocery store ( half tea spoon)


Mix the yogurt with the carbonate until it becomes like a whipped cream.

Wash your face and put the mixture until you cover your full face. Do not put it under your eyes and upper lip area. These parts are super sensitive locations in our face. If you have severe acne or scars also do not use this mixture.

Keep the yogurt mixture for 5-10 minutes. Let it dry.

Wash your face with a warm temperature water and wipe it with a soft towel. To make your skin firm and complete, wash with a cold water for 3 seconds.

If you have an oily skin, keep the mixture for 30 minutes.

This yogurt face mask will;

Soften your skin,

Lighten the dark spots on your face,

Reduce acne problems.

Enjoy your cost efficient, organic, home made face mask.

Your welcome!


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