Home Remedy Tips: Organic Lip Peeling

lipscrub_looreToday I will show you the simplest but the most effective home made lip balm treatment. Lips can have some damage both in winter and summer time.

By the help of a good peeling treatment you can get rid of dead skin cells and make your lips super soft again.

The best part of this treatment is, you don’t have to pay tons of dollars. It is easy and home made. Let’s start;


-1 table spoon cane sugar

-1/2 tea spoon olive oil

-1/2 table spoon honey

The type of this mixture should not be super gummy. The sugar should be easy to come off from honey. So don’t put excessive amount from the ingredients. First, mix the olive oil and honey then add sugar. The key point is not to melt the sugar. Mix it slowly. Refrigerate the mixture then use on your lips. After you scrub the mixture, wash your lips and put a regular lip balm. Our goal is to get rid of the dead skin on your lips. If you have excessive amount of lip crack, I don’t recommend this peeling procedure. Use this only to soften your lips and make them more kissable!

You can use this mixture once in a week.

It is cost effective, definitely easy to make and apply.

Your welcome : )

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